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Mold Prevention

5/14/2021 (Permalink)

Mold Growth SERVPRO of Cienega Mold Remediation. Call now (323) 400-3400

In most cases being proactive than reactive saves a lot of time and money. Mold prevention is one of those cases. Here are a few tips to help prevent mold growth in your residential or commercial property: 

1. Always have proper ventilation. Bathrooms go through a lot of high levels of humidity and moisture. Always crack a window open during and after a shower. If you don't have a window, make sure your air vent works well and gets cleaned frequently. 

2. If water damage happens, be proactive about correctly drying and preventing further damage. Insurance companies usually only cover recent sudden bursts and leaks. Any mold growth found long term and if it's already dry, most insurance companies and policies do not cover the cost of remediation. 

3. Keep your home in good shape and inspect frequently for any leaks or roof damage. 

How to Prevent Water Damage

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Flooded kitchen SERVPRO of Cienega Inspections. Call now (323) 400-3400

Similar to Mold Prevention, being proactive with water damage can save you a lot of money, time, and hassle. Here are some tips for preventing water damage in your home: 

1. Before a rainstorm, make sure your roof has no damage, holes, or areas that it can leak from. If there are any areas that can potentially cause a leak, call your roofer ASAP and see if they can fix it. If your roofer can't get out there in time, we can place a temporary tarp up to make sure the chances of water damage decrease drastically. 

2. Frequently check your appliance supply lines. If any supply line is old or looks like it has been compromised, ask your plumber to switch out to new supply lines. A lot of water damages happen from appliance supply lines and bathroom supply lines. 

3. Check your water pressure frequently. If there is a spike in your water bill, make sure there are no leaks coming out of a pipe.  

Water Damage Dos and Don'ts

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Kitchen flooded SERVPRO of Cienega Mitigation. Call now (323) 400-3400


- Be best prepared for any natural disaster and storm. 

- Fix any leak ASAP. If you notice any leaks or roof damage, get a professional to correctly fix the issue. 

- Call your insurance to file a claim if there is a lot of damage. 

- Call SERVPRO of Cienega to come out to do an inspection of your commercial and residential property. 

- Take care of your landscape. A lush landscape can slow down the spread of a fire. 

- Hire someone you trust to do your work. 


- Procrastinate.

- Cover up the problem rather than solving it.

- Let moisture be trapped without correctly drying it.  

- Filing an insurance claim after a long period of time from the water damage. Most insurance policies only cover leaks that happened less than 2 weeks ago. 

- Skipping out on the maintenance work.  

Meet Our Equipment

5/14/2021 (Permalink)

Close up photos of equipment SERVPRO of Cienega Remediation. Call now at (323) 400-3400

Water Extractor: 
Our water extractor is used to extract standing water. The extractor helps us greatly with removing out the water from solid surfaces which allows it to dry properly. This technique pulls out most of the water which can save the carpet from secondary damages and delamination.

This dehumidifier pulls out the moisture from the air and the affected materials and allows them to dry out. Our dehumidifiers have successfully dried out countless amounts of affected materials and have saved the homeowners and insurance companies thousands of dollars.

Similar to a dehumidifier, the desiccant takes in the air that contains moisture, dries the air, and puts back the drier air into the affected area. A desiccant is great to use in hard-to-dry areas like crawlspaces.

Air Mover: 
The air movers are commonly used to circulate the moisture particles in the room for the dehumidifier to take in. The air movers also help the dehumidifiers dry out the affected materials.

Air Scrubber: 
The air scrubber pulls in the air and filters some mold spores, odor, debris, dust, and other airborne particles.

Floor Mat System: 
The floor mat system is used to dry out hardwood flooring. We have not only saved flooring from buckling but also saved floors that already showed signs of slight damages.

Commercial Fire Restoration

5/4/2021 (Permalink)

Fire SERVPRO of Cienega Commercial Fire Restoration. Call now at (323) 400-3400.

Fires are always devastating and cause a great deal of damage. A commercial fire can delay business and be a loss of revenue. With good insurance and a well-written policy, a lot of these problems are solved. After a fire, the best first step would be to notify the insurance and file a claim. Once a claim is made and approved, the restoration can commence. SERVPRO of Cienega helps with getting all the correct approvals, lining up all the vendors, and updating all parties throughout the job. Typically with heavy damage to a commercial building, all materials will need to be demolished and disposed of. Once we are able to gain access into the wall cavity, we do a detailed HEPA vacuum and wet wipe down. After the restoration is done, we place the final deodorizing equipment to kill any potential odor particles and deodorize the air space. Once the restoration is done, we will be ready to perform the repairs and put the building back in shape. 

Fire Preparation

5/4/2021 (Permalink)

Fire alarm SERVPRO of Cienega Fire Restoration. Call now (323) 400-3400.

Being prepared for a fire can save a lot of devastation and money. Here are some tips on how to prepare your home against a fire: 

- Install smoke alarms on each floor and inside and outside of bedrooms. Test out the batteries once a month.

- Teach children what a fire alarm sound means and what they should do if they hear it. Practice STOP, DROP and ROLL with all family members in the scenario their clothes catch on fire.  

- Prepare fire escape plans. Multiple escape routes should be practiced with different scenarios of the location of the fire.

- Keep fire extinguishers in multiple areas of the house, especially the kitchen. 

- Digitalize any sentimental photos. 

- Pack an emergency bag and keep it in the car. An emergency bag is great for all emergencies. 

- Research your community fire plans or discuss evacuation options with family and friends. 

Fire Contents Restoration

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Kitchen Fire SERVPRO of Cienega Fire Restoration. Call now (323) 400-3400.

LAFD works hard to make sure a fire is put out as soon as it starts. Many homes, neighborhoods, and commercial buildings are saved every day because of our hard-working first responders. Although the fire can be put out very fast, the odor and soot travels almost instantly and can cause a lot of damage in a very short period of time. During fire jobs with less severe damage, we perform a full structure HEPA vacuum cleaning and a wet wipe of the entire structure. The contents that are salvageable are all packed out and moved to our storage facility. Any unsalvageable items will be disposed of. We clean every single item and strip away any lingering odor. Once the structure is clean, the contents will be packed back in. 

What To Do After a Fire

5/4/2021 (Permalink)

House on fire SERVPRO of Cienega Commercial Fire Restoration. Call now at (323) 400-3400.

Everything that is done before, during, and after a fire is very important. Here are some tips from State Farm on what can be done after a fire: 

- Find a safe place to stay 

   - Don't enter back into your home until it has been deemed safe for re-entrance. 

- Contact your insurance agent

   - Contact your agent and file a claim. 

- Protect your home 

   - Protect your home from any weather events or illegal entrances. Board ups, fencing, tarp ups might be needed to secure the property. 

- Take care of your pets

   - Have the pets be checked by a veterinarian. 

- Get a copy of the fire report

   - LAFD can provide a fire report. Your insurance can use this to determine the coverage of the claim. 

- Address your finances

   - Rent and all other bills will still need to be paid. 

- Recover your possessions 

   - Get your contents replaced or restored. 

- Take care of your family's mental health 

   - Look out for different coping mechanisms for yourself and your entire family. 

How to Prepare For a Storm

5/4/2021 (Permalink)

eye of a storm SERVPRO of Cienega Storm Preparation. Call now at (323) 400-3400

Storms can occur and cause a lot of damage to homes and commercial buildings. The only control that we can take is making sure we are best prepared for a storm. The following are some ways to prepare against a storm in combination with State Emergency Services (SEC): 

1. Maintain your yard and balcony. Secure or store items that could blow around in strong winds.

2. Clean your gutters, downpipes, and drains regularly to prevent blockages.

3. Trim trees and branches that could potentially fall on your home or property.

4. Fix any damage to your roof, including broken or missing tiles.

5. Check your insurance policy is current and adequate.

6. Make a Home Emergency Plan for your family that outlines what you would do in an emergency.

7. Prepare an emergency kit with essential items in case you lose power or need to leave home in an emergency.

8. Listen to your local radio station and other media for weather warnings.

9. Get a tarp up or board up installed if there are any damages to the roof or windows. 

What To Do After a Storm

5/4/2021 (Permalink)

Image of cartoon house with check marks next to it SERVPRO of Cienega Storm Preparation. Call now at (323) 400-3400.

After a heavy storm hits, it is very crucial to make sure inspections are performed if there appears to be any damage that has already occurred. A roofing company should be contacted to inspect the roof. Roof damage can cause a lot of leaks and are harder to fix during a storm. It is very important to have the home inspected regularly and maintain the home. SERVPRO of Cienega can help place a board up or tarp up on the roof. This will provide a temporary solution until the repairs can be completed. If there are any visible signs of roof leaks or even concerns, our team can do a moisture check. Based on our inspection, our team can address any water damage that was caused to the house from the storm.